// A city on a human scale, chic, fun and dynamic!

We asked Arnaud GALLET, iMedia Brand Summit Biarritz Director, (Comexposium) to explain the reasons that led him to choose Biarritz when he launched his event in 2014.

BT: Why did you choose Biarritz for the launch of your event?

AG: iMedia Brand Summit is a premium event that brings together the marketing, communication and digital departments of the largest French companies for 2 days of business meetings, conferences and networking. Biarritz has quickly become the destination that best fit the mood of our guests, both chic, fun and dynamic. Given the format of the event, it was also important for us to choose a venue that allows us to have a convention center, spaces for lunches, dinners and upscale hotels in the same area to promote continuous exchanges.

Another key element, the commitment of Biarritz Tourism teams to our side, to support us in launching and developing our event, also made the difference.

BT: Its 4th edition was held last mid-June in Biarritz. How do you envision the next edition?

AG: For next year, iMedia Brand Summit changes format. The event, which wants to maintain its premium and selective positioning, will again experience controlled growth with the desire to welcome only the cream of marketing and digital in France. We are going from 600 to 700 participants, but the event will now take place over 3 days from 10 to 12 October 2018, in order to have even more business and exchange opportunities.

(Arnaud GALLET - iMedia Brand Summit Biarritz Director - COMEXPOSIUM)