// Gare du midi

Renovate d in 1991, it now h o s t s event s a n d fe stivals all round the year.

At the heart of the city and a mere 5 minutes’ walk from the other conference centres, the Gare du Midi is an essential component of the Biarritz conference service.

Behind an « Art Nouveau » façade and through a sumptuous lobby lies an auditorium seating up to 1 354 people.


The Gare du Midi is also home to the National Choreographic Center studios, headed by Thierry Malandain / Ballet Biarritz. www.malandainballet.com

Gare du midi
23 avenue Maréchal Foch
+33 (0)5 59 22 37 08
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// Auditorium Atalaya

With 1,354 seats (which can be adjusted to total 900 seats), the Atalaya is the largest auditorium in town, famous also for its 600 square-meter-wide stage.

// Lobby

A 308 sqm space with a bar area and a cloackroom providing access to the auditoriums. The perfect solution for your reception and coffee breaks.