// Activities

// Land-based

4x4: Head out with your team in 4x4s along the tracks and paths formerly used by smugglers and whilst you’re there, don’t forget to check out the amazing panoramic views of the Basque Country.

Mountain biking: Test your sense of direction whilst riding through the inland Basque Country and enjoy the wonderful landscapes that this hilly part of the world can offer you!

Hiking: Discovering whilst walking... that is the aim of these themed hikes. Inviting you to relive the legends and tales of the Basque Country, these hikes may give you the chance to spot a pottok, a small breed of horse that wonders free in our mountains.

Golf: Here in the Basque country, the blue of the sea and the green of the golf course come together to create a golfing venue on a par with nowhere else!

Basque pelote: There are more than 20 varieties of this sport, which is the heart and soul of the Basque country. The most popular variant, pala, is played against frontons. The most spectacular, Cesta Punta, is played in a venue called a Jaï Alaï. Choose what one you want to play (or watch) but whatever you do, don’t drop the ball on this one!


// Water-based

Thalassotherapy: Whether it’s in a seawater jacuzzi at a warm 34°C or as part of a massage and algae treatment, let the sea provide its benefits in a well deserved moment of relaxation!

Surfing: Since it witnessed the birth of surfing in Europe in 1957, Biarritz has been considered one of the best surfing spots in the world thanks to the exceptional quality of its waves. Don’t miss out on the chance to discover the joys of surfing.

Rafting: La Charlotte, le Pas de Roland, les rapides des 3 Vagues: these three spots on the river Nive are ideal for white-water debutants. Hold on tight, this rodeo on inflatable rafts is sure to send a few shivers down your spine!


// In the air

Helicopter: seeing the Basque country from the sky shows the full extent of its beauty. Don't miss out on a helicopter flight or indeed a chance to go gliding, paragliding or other air activity.


// Gastronomy

Cooking classes can be organised with several chefs at work meetings or motivational and incentive events, for colleagues, conference attendees, customers or between friends. Multilingual.


Note: You can also do horse riding, go-karting and more (see leisure activities in the Tourism section)


For more information, please contact Maylis Cabanieu, Biarritz Tourism Promotion Officer:  +33 (0)5 59 22 37 17 /  maylis.cabanieu@biarritz.fr