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Discover what’s new in 2023 with some of our events agencies !

► Ekko séminaires by Biarritz for Events

Innovating is the key word for Biarritz For Events ! The agency created a brand new website more in line with what they want to offer in 2023.
They created a new PREMIUM option for you to experience more intense, more real and more authentic moments…
EKKO has many eco-friendly activities that can be part of the experience proposed by the agency.


Giving trees : accumulated points during rallies can changed into vine plants, trees or berries to help the agro-forestry with the Trees and Agriculture in Aquitaine Association.
Mermaids beads : a pretty name given to the small bits of plastics that are spreading over the oceans and beaches. They are first eaten by fish and then by humans… Plastic collections are organised on the beach to be given to the Resak association. It can lead to awareness and crafts workshops.


Agence Biarritz for Events & Ekko séminaires
Centre d'affaires international
24 Bd Marcel Dassault, 64200 Biarritz
Contact: Isabelle MATA - directrice
 Tel +33 6 08 92 99 16



// KrAnPoT Night

An evening at the fishermen’s port. One of Biarritz’s most emblematic figures opens the doors of its crampotte for us.
The crampottes are these traditional cabins on the port, at the foot of the Atalaye plateau in Biarritz.
There are only 65 crampottes for 95 anchorages. They belong to the city and are really difficult to rent.
Evenida organises a musical entertainment during cocktail and a dinner cooked by a well-known chef.

Up to 25 people.

// Dinning in a secret property

In the middle of a 3 acres estate stands a villa that once belonged to the Spanish Royal Family.
She was abandonned for almost 80 years before a couple decided to renovate it.
They restored the property and made 6 confidential, simple and comfortable B&Bs.
The property also offers a temporary restaurant at the back of the garden. The restaurant will make you feel like sharing a meal with friends or at a family dinner. It has a classy surfing kind of vibe.
The setting is magical: an open kitchen with a skylight, antique furniture, fine crockery and rainproof scaffolding. The cuisine makes Basque food.


Agence Evenida
2 Chemin de Mougnougnou, 64200 Arcangues
Contact: Carole Lamothe - directrice
 Tel +33 5 59 26 57 97


►Terres & Cie


 A pleasant evening surronded by nature in the Basque country !

This evening includes : a tent, food trucks, a brazier, local products, pétanque/molky games, béret throwing, live music and a photobooth !

CSR charter :

Terres & Cie established a CSR charter within the company for its employees and clients.

Some examples :

  • A CSR kit for the clients (donating to local associations, using a flask…)
  • A « what sould I pack » documentation
  • Raising awareness and training of staff
  • Raising customer awareness on eco-friendly means of transport
  • Raising customer awareness on their professional activities


Agence Terres & Cie
44 Rue Luis Mariano, 64200 Biarritz
Contact: Virginie Miura - directrice adjointe
 Tel +33 5 59 41 74 43


►Le Tourisme Basque

« After 45 years, we still love what we do. Our trademark still remains creativity and hark work. »
« Our eco-friendly collection » includes : walks surrounded by nature, beaches clean-up workshops, flora and fauna treasure hunts, no-waste cooking workshop, up-cycling workshops challenges…
« Our creation collection » : improv workshop in an intimate comedy club, cocktails-making with a view on the ocean in a clubbing atmosphere…

Agence Le Tourisme basque 
24 Av. du Maréchal Foch, 64200 Biarritz
Contact : Florence Gonzales - directrice
 Tel +33 5 59 24 01 10



For more informations, please contact us at :

Promotion-Communication-Press Department Manager
Maylis Cabanieu
Tel : + 33 5 59 22 37 17 – Mob : (33) 06 26 34 39 12
Leisure & Incentive Sales Development
Levet Joan
Tel : + 33 5 59 22 41 88  – Mob : +33 6 23 64 12 16